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CPP Aluminum Valve Cover, Tall, As Cast, NO Logo, Single Cover (GM 24502466)

Hinta:185.60 €


This cast aluminum rocker cover is the same as rocker cover P/N 10185064 except it has a plain top. Material is added on underside for milling logo. This cover is identical to 10185064,and 10093393 except that it has no logo. These Valve Covers are Sold 1 Per Part #. You will need to order 2 for an engine.

Note:The inside dimension for this valve cover is 3 3/16". This is measured from the gasket surface to the deepest area of the inside of the valve cover. When using this cover with roller rockers and/or high lift camshafts, it may be necessary to modify the inside wall of the valve cover closest to the pushrods so that the rocker arms do not rub the inside of the valve cover. If holes for pcv and breather are added, it is recommended that a machinist makes the holes in a milling machine to avoid damaging the valve covers.

Tuote: 24502466